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A hinduwoman in Pakistan of 1947

Our Production is based on Asgrawajahat’ s play of the Same name. After the partition, in 1947 Ratan lalJhori’ s mother refuses to move out of her house in Lahore. This house has been officially allotted to Sikander Mirza of Lahore, and his family. She has no objection Whatsoever to a Muslim family living with her, but on no condition will she move out of her own house . Slowly this woman is come to be loved by everybody and is fondly addressed as ‘Jagmai’ (universal mother) . The day She dies, questions aries about her, last rites- to cremate her , or bury her; A local maulavi issues a fatwa that she should be cremated as per her religion. This decision however is not liked by the local goons and they kill the maulvi.

This Story arose out of an actual incident in Lahore , Which was reported in the Delhi daily ‘Pratap’

I decided bring the two corpses on the stage to unravel the deep dimensions of fundamentalism. A whole violent situation erupts on stage, the likes of which we are withnessing allover the country even today.

I have also moved characters and dialogues around to heighten the intensity and profundity of the subject, I have used appropriate poetry of contemporary Urdu poets to add to the beauty of the play. These include ghazals by the famous Pakistani Poet, Nasir Kazmi, and Amrita Pritam’s heart-rendindnazm rendered in heart- rending nazm rendered in her style.


  • Ratan Ki Amma: Flora Bose
  • Sikander Mirza: Yogesh Tiwari
  • Hamida Begam: Nahid Siddiki
  • Tanno: Parul Singh
  • Javed: Rahul Jadhav / Rana Pratap Singh
  • Pahalwan: Ramchandra Singh
  • Anwar: ManharanGandharva
  • Siraj: Honaji Chavan
  • Nasir: Kazmi Tanvir Ahmed
  • Tangewala: Chaitram Yadav
  • Alima: UdairamSrivas
  • Clerk-1: ManharanGandharva
  • Clerk-2: Honaji Chavan
  • Moulvi: Sheikh Usman
  • MohhmadSaha: Manoj Nair
  • Begam Hidayat: Pramila Singh
  • Sajida: Choiti Ghosh