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Konark drama is a tragedy. Tragedy of decay of India’s historical glory. Tragedy of destruction of architecture. The world-famous Konark temple of Orissa is a masterpiece in the diversity of architecture and imagination. Konark is the last temple in the tradition of the temple in medieval Odisha. Today it is transformed into ruins. Not a single prayer ever happened in this temple, what was the reason behind this? In the shadow of all these questions, Habib saheb's illness and his sudden demise was such a saddening moment for us that we were in huge dilemma whether we should do this play or not.

We started preparing it in the year 2011. Specifically, research work was necessary for the script. That's why I went to Konark with artists in 2011. We had received a lot for the script. On this Yogesh Tripathi ji wrote two scenes which I had put in the purvrang. Then, to make the story more clear, the use of the sutradhar is also different from the original play. There is no female character in the original play, but I have added a visual reference to Chandralekha and Vishu in visual form. I have done my best to bring this word-oriented drama in visual form. To ease the story, the naya theatre went to Orissa for a month and stayed in the Gurukul of Konark Natya Pavilion to prepare the play using Orissa tunes, Orissa dance and Orissa folk dance Gottipua.